This is a list of some of the books I have read which have led me to understand that all of the things which I once believed were facts as a child were nothing but lies. The world we live in today is filled with people who perpetuate these same lies to the ends of slowing down the inevitable realisation that there is nothing outside of your self. I must point out that the books are only stepping stones and making this selection was more difficult  than I originally anticipated. I have made this selection based on break throughs which I have personally had since reading these books and applying there principles to my life, because as you may have noticed there are many who profess to be god but base these assertions purely on the memorisation and regurgitation of books or things they may have heard but not truly understood nor experienced. These books have helped me establish a methodology of both raising Kundalini but also realising that what we call ego is nothing more than a small cluster of conditions placed in our minds by those who have fallen victim to the same circumstances. Good luck on your journey and trust yourself  


10.Signs and symbols of the primordial man - Albert Chruchward :  

9.The Kybalion – The three initiates :
8.The Adventure of self-discovery – Professor Groff:  
7.Arcana of Freemasonry – Albert Churchward:  
6.The Book of the Law – Alesteir Crowley:

5.Metuneter vol 2 – Ra Un Nefer:  
4.Isis Thesis – Judy Kay King:

3.Israelis Five trillion dollar secret – Col Curtis B. Dall:

2.Fire and Ice - Stephen E. Flowers PHD:  
1.A system of Caucasian yoga – Count Stefan Colonna Walewski:  

| Initiation into hermetic’s – Franz Bardon:

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