The focus of the past lessons has been to get control of the intangible attributes of self. And after much thought and introspection the focus must not merely be what we let out of our minds and bodies but also what we must put in.

Some emphasise the importance of practical spiritualism over correct diet, but my question to them would be: What good would it be to know all the secrets of the universe be if the body was in a state of paralysis due to stroke? You see, taking good care of the mind is just as important as taking good care of the composition which houses it! We must understand that to have an excellent breathing technique and focus it is merely not enough if we shovel all kinds of chemicals and toxins into our body, but in fact is purely counterproductive.

So what is the solution?

On closer analysis on what actually damages the body and causes these created dis-eases such as “cancer” we understand that mucus plays the largest role. Glycoprotein is a chemical that is misunderstood as producing the mucus itself, which is not true! There are many types of mucin’s in the body, as mucus acts as an internal lubricate to keep the body functioning without damaging itself. There is a specific composition of mucin (MUC1), which, in high concentration leads onto more serious illnesses. The Glycoprotein is responsible for increasing the viscosity of the mucus and not the production of it. The deeper you go into self the more you will find that mucus has found its way into the most inner regions of the brain and this is what acts as an obstacle for consciousness to move freely around the body, to be specific, the mid brain or “kings chamber”.

The large quantities of sugar we consume on a daily basis does nothing more than increase the viscosity of the mucus in our bodies which then affects the way we experience emotion and in effect reality itself by turning us into sugar addicts. What’s more, we are not even aware of the extremely addictive nature of sugar until we try to let go of it.

The brain itself acts as a Junkie and will reproduce any affect it feels the most. For example if a person is angry all of the time it is not because they enjoy being angry, it is because the brain releases a specific set of chemicals when anger is experienced and it is this that becomes the object of addiction, the anger expressed externally is only the bi-product. The same rule applies to sugar intake, it is the feeling that we get every time we eat a doughnut or chocolate bar that keeps us coming back and it must be understood that Shakti will be reunited with her counterpart no matter what and creating an internal environment free of obstacles will benefit you in the long run. Believe me! 

These simple exercises will help you get to a place where you are strong enough to leave sugar behind...


Exercise 1: In order to know what you truly are you must make sacrifices! So, for one month you will consume no sugar in the form of treats such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate or chewing gum. Any kinds of desserts are off limits for 31 days and throughout this period the only fluid you will consume will be water. Each week you will keep a journal of what you are experiencing and by the end of your one month journey you will see what affect large quantities of sugar in your body really has.


Exercise 2: Either during or before your month long detox you will listen and meditate to the downloadable mp3 linked with this ION, it is focused on the mid brain (reptilian brain) and the secret chakras that exist around it. The tone has been made to target the area to loosen the mucus deposits around the mystic chakras and stimulate activity within the Brahmarendra. After each thirty-minute interval note what you feel and think when you come out of your meditation. It is best listened to in headphones and can be listened to on the commute to work to enhance energy and lift the mood.



ION 10: The boulder is not shattered with one powerful blow but a series of strategically placed attacks. For it is the will and will alone that has the power to move mountains.. Find the perfect angle and be patient in silence as thy obstacles fade away.



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Love this! Beyond interesting a beautiful reminder! So doing this!

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