To become more acquainted with our more subtle and spiritual faculties we must first become more acquainted with the attributes of our breath.

Knowing that the body needs to breath air isn’t nearly enough to bring about the enlightenment, which our distant ancestors held in such high regard. We must become masters of our breath as well as every other physical by-product of the “Human” current.

So to make it simple, our ancient ancestors knew that by naming a thing, it in essence made you “God” of the thing in question, so in order to attain mastery one must change the name of a person, place or thing if one wishes to control the effect it has on one’s consciousness thus affecting one’s mind, body and in effect ones entire universe.

As any adept, majai or builder of the temple is aware correspondence is a law that can be applied to all aspects of the experience.

There are three basic movements of breath, inhalation, retention and exhalation each word representing a different stage of the process, your task here is to bring all aspects under your control, in which you have three options: you may choose to create a different word to replace each stage, or you could substitute them with the Sanskrit where, inhalation is puraka, exhalation is rechaka and retention of breath is kumbhaka. Or if you prefer you could leave them as they are and the direction of your divine will transmute the ‘names’ to their highest mode of operation.

I have provided you with two exercises and also an ion to place in one’s mind and expand upon with the secret key.

Exercise 1:  Take a seat on the floor with both sit bones touching the surface equally; begin to move your consciousness to your lower abdomen. Then push your stomach outwards almost to give the effect of you having an egg shaped ball in your stomach, at the point where you feel you cannot push anymore, you will hold it out for a second, and then draw it all the way back in to your spine. Complete 10 cycles of this movement this will constitute one set. Please note this is not the breathing portion of the exercise this is simply to get all of the ions within the lower abdomen back in contact with the divine upper kingdom of the mind.


Exercise 2:  When you feel you have a firm grasp of the mechanical movements involved in exercise 1 you will then be prepared for the first level of controlling the breath. This is where concentration will play a large role. Based on the fact you will start timing both the inhalation and exhalation. A safe ratio for a beginner is 1:2. This means you will need to inhale for four seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds, 7 cycles of this would constitute a set. Once you have practiced this every day for 15 minutes for at least a month, you would have created a new ion for breath, which is now under your own will. It is at this point that it will be safe to start the retention aspect of breathing (1:4:2) You will be inhaling for four seconds, retaining the breath for sixteen seconds and then exhaling for 8 seconds.

Both of exercises 1 and 2 will ensure your mind forms a better connection with the forgotten ions within your inner universe. So ensure to practice with clear intention and be patient with yourself. We have harmed our spirits and bodies more than we are aware of so take it SLOW!


Ion: The mind works through association and although you may feel the universe is a composition of separate and differentiated elements, on closer inspection you will find that it is all connected. The thoughts are the same, in the sense that a fragrance which may cause you to think of your childhood, may cause another to feel nauseous. So who is correct in their response? You must find the emanation point of the thought and behold the silent connections made within your very consciousness. Once the ion is perceived in its truest nature, expansion via the key will be possible.

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