Now when the word brainwashing is brought up, the average person immediately envisions a person strapped to a chair in a dark room "Get out" style. However, what we are going to delve into here is a very real look at the way the world truly works and explore the belief systems you have been indoctrinated with from the very beginning.


When we look at the definition of what brainwashing is, we get;

To pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

How does this relate to you? You are thinking, what am I being forced to do?

I can tell you empirically that we have all been brainwashed on every single layer from the moment we were injected into this mass slave colony we call society, and what you are about to read will tell you why.


From the moment we are born our parents sign a contract on our behalf, offering us up as as piece of meat, to be ground up and devoured by the tycoons and bankers who sit around the table of excess and decadent living. How is this so? I would start by asking you 3 questions;

  1. How many Mayors does London have?
  2. If you were standing outside of Westminster abbey, how far would you be from London?
  3. What is the difference between lawful and legal?

The answers to these questions will begin to unravel the mysteries of modern day surfdem and digital slavery. The fact of the matter is every single facet of society is business; the police, the House of Lords, councils, courts, even the bloody politicians themselves are businesses. And when I say 'business' I don't just mean that they have an interest in making money, I mean every single institution I have just named is a registered business and operates solely for profit. 


Why is this significant?


Take an incident like the Grenfell Tower Murders. In an ideal world we would say, 'all suspects involved should be put on trial and be sent to prison if found to be guilty,' and in an ideal & just world this would be true. However in actuality what we are asking to take place is for members of Kensington and Chelsea council (a business) to be arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service (a business) and be tried in an alleged court of law (a business) and then be sent to a prison (which is also a business.) How does that sound to you? 


Your birth certificate gave 'society' the right to create a corporate fiction on your behalf (a business.)?Without getting too wordy, the easy way of looking at this is by making the distinction between how your name is presented. For example, if you were named Natalie Johnson and you were to look over all of your official documents, your name would be displayed as MISS NATALIE JOHNSON. This is not a mistake, anybody that has registered a business knows that your company name is always written in capitals. What this allows to take place is much more sinister. This capitalised version of yourself, or the PERSON, is now subject to the law of commerce, which means it can be billed by other capitalised entities. In reality this is actioned by bills and statutes that are passed by the people you give authority to govern you. You are told that if you drive somewhere that's supposedly in London, you have to pay and if you don't you are breaking the law - congestion charge. You are told if you go through a speed camera doing 40mph you have to pay and are breaking the law. These are the results of Commercial Law.

Common Law states a crime is only committed when there is injury, harm or loss. If you steal from somebody, kill or attack somebody you are breaking the Common Law. Commercial Law states if you park in the wrong place you can be billed for it. 

We have been taught to think that politicians are here to represent us, police are here to protect us and fight crime - look up Charles Hitchens the father of policing in London - and the councils are here to provide us with safe living conditions.

The closer we look at what we are living in, the more this falsehood becomes apparent. It would seem that brainwashing stops us from exercising common sense and looking at the bigger picture.

Every single thing you consume has been prepackaged, you are put under the illusion that you have your own likes and dislikes ignoring the fact that the options were already predetermined. It has gotten to the point where most of us are fully aware of the evil that takes place in the upper and even lower echelons of society, but the herd mentality prevents you from taking action. We have developed something I like to call selective outrage. Where in one instance, for example, you would absolutely condemn pedophilia and everybody associated with it, but at the same time openly support individuals and institutions that either fund or cover up for this kind of behaviour. If we compared your capacity for persecution, it would be fair to say that if I said the word terrorist your mind would automatically think Islam with out proof. But if child sex trafficking and ritual abuse were mentioned, the Hollywood / entertainment industry as well as politics would probably be the last place you pointed your fingers. So how deep does your hatred for pedophiles truly go? If we are at a stage where even the duration of your public anger can be timed, then it would be fair to ask how much control do you actually have over your mind and body? 


Ask your self what year it is... 2017 right? 2017 years since what exactly? Since the start of reality? No, no that would be silly as eschatology has proven that our great ancestors had already counted a great year (26,000) at least 3 times over. So where did this notion of it being 2017 comes from? Yes you guessed it.. religion. 2017 years since the time of the mythological character Jesus Christ walked the earth. But what if one doesn't believe that he existed? It does not matter whether you believe or not, the fact of the matter is millions of people have been murdered in order for this idea to be accepted as fact.

If we take into consideration that we also go by a Gregorian calendar which had months added to it to honor Caesar, alarm bells should be ringing. It should be becoming more and more apparent at this point that pretty much everything you have been told up to this point has been a lie.


It has gone past the stage where all of this is simply about money, this is all about control. The Metropolitan Police are there to keep the serfs or slaves in check with the City of London police there to protect the Lords, Alderman and banksters within the square mile of what the Romans founded as Londinium.  

I have found that slavery never ended it just became digital and more sophisticated. After all my years of research study and esoteric practice I finally see that hatred and division are the best tools been employed to keep this machine running. We continue to fight amongst ourselves over skin colour, sexual preference, and status all the while ignoring that these labels were given to us. This is the nature of our distraction, you do not understand your power because you do not know who or what you truly are. Do you even know what the definition of  a human being is ? look it up as I am very sure you will be surprised. Some of you may be wondering, how does this relate to yoga and spirituality. But you must understand that everything you see going on externally is a mirror of what is taking place within. we must purge our addictions and fears from our minds, and this will allow us to truly transcend the condition we are currently in. Don't believe any thing that I have written here, look it up for yourself. I have provided the link to the website where you can check all of the companies I have mentioned. 

I dedicate this blog to John Harris founder of the TPUC who was killed in 2015 by the same system we support.


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