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The capacity for the mind to experience what we call fear is one of the oldest concepts known to the true and hidden divine source.

As the circles of time have progressed within our being we have come to a point of stagnation, where we can only express our fears with external concepts such as phobias or worries.

But what is fear? And does it have a fixed location within the divine composition?

As we have discussed in past lessons our vehicle is composed of vibrations that differ only in degree. Therefore taking this law into account, fear must be composed of the same substance. We spend so much of our life taking in information, some of it to better our position and some of it merely to sooth our illusion of needs. But there is something about fear that eludes us, something about it which makes us believe that even in our most ignorant moments, we are doing right. Your ability to push through life’s obstacles with courage and tenacity solely comes down to your ability to silence fear and realize its influence and illusion.

We were raised to believe that life was something that happened to us, and something that we were experiencing as a separate unit. Only to discover that in the final cycles of the cleansing, that what we call life is truly an extension of our own minds. Every obstacle, problem and issue simply mirroring blocked channels and spiritual trauma, which exist within our internal kingdoms. The concept of Fear and Love being the only “real” emotions is beginning to become more apparent than ever!  Look around you…Do you notice that fear has taken root in the hearts and souls of so many of your loved ones, to the extent that they are blinded by their own beliefs, stuck in pass situations which have no benefit to them in this modern age?

These are the symptoms of fear, the true fuel to all illness and disease within the mind of the true hidden divine. The concept has been reinforced in the minds of many since they were infants; religious tales distorted into historical fact have coaxed the hearts of adherents into believing submission through fear is the only way to be rewarded in the afterlife. And those who opposed these views in the time of the crusades paid for it with their lives. There is no other source to blame for one’s own problems other than the one you perceive in the mirror, look deep into your own eyes and behold all of the potential for pure evil and divinity simultaneously. We give power to those who we do not know the origin of, you are the beginning and the end and all has been birthed from your darkness. Take this into account when you label another as a foe or opponent, for the true master understands that there is no opponent when all is energy.

When focusing on the true nature of love and fear the key will make itself known to you, both have one base operation each. For this task I will leave you to decode, you have all the tools at your disposal and given that your intention remains pure you will succeed.

The age of the truth seeker is beginning to end and you are seeing conspiracy being passed off as truth every day. Know that this is not by accident. Every attempt to bring your attention to a new “threat” whether it be rumors of war, apocalypse, biological attack or food shortage, all is being done to draw your focus deeper into the gross matter of your being, and further away from the divine source which is ready to transcend the known and unknown universe. Humanity was merely a level in the cleansing of the source, and now more than ever will you see a push for the promotion of humanity and why it’s so important to be human. But in actuality the shedding of the skin that is this “humanity” should be the goal of the true master, to be free of freedom itself because these are concepts created in a realm of captivity and maya.

Do not waste your light trying to convince those who wish to be consumed by fear, merely understand them as the part of yourself that needs to be unlocked internally and not externally. You are the creator and destroyer of your reality and therefore they are a manifestation of issues you yourself are trying to ignore.


Exercise 1: To find the very intimate relationship which love and fear share you must experience both in the darkness of your mind. Close your eyes and go into mediation. Using the techniques you have learned in passed IONS begin to visualise your happiest memory of LOVE, (your parent or guardian hugging you as a child or the first time you saw your new born baby) feel the warmth it creates at your heart chakra, relive it to the extent that you can experience it with all 5 senses. When you can do that, in that instant, visualise the worst moment of your life and let it consume your being to the point of tears. Stay with it for 3 breaths and then transmute the vibration back to the memory of happiness and Love. After completing this exercise once a day for a month you will know the true chemical nature of your brain.


 Exercise 2: To find the hiding place of fear, one must become fear…

Our dreams and nightmares are mere projections of vibratory signatures super imposed onto our cells and molecules, our mind in its infinite power and beauty projects and amplifies these signatures while we sleep and we perceive them as moving surreal scenes on astral landscapes. When we are having a nightmare, the slowest vibrations within our being are being amplified; it is a way of our mind showing us where illness is able to exist within our composition. So the next time you have a nightmare, whilst in dream state take ownership of the experience and make yourself aware your are in the dream. At this point you should be able to begin to wake yourself up to the “half in half out stage”. Whilst the fear is still real in the dream state cast your consciousness to the region of your body that is actually experiencing the fear. The same concept can be used if you have any phobias, in the instant that the phobia makes itself known to you.

Pin point the area in your body that reacted first. This will show you where the highest concentration of gross energy (slow vibration) is hiding in your composition, once located penetrate it and transmute it.


ION 6: For death can only exist in a place where the inhabitants believe that they are alive. Remove the concept of duality and behold as all illusion fades away, leaving only the base potential that made it all possible. Face thy most hideous desires with love in thine eyes and thy skin will become as armour and thy right arm thy sword.


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