This life… Seemingly a series of challenges we must overcome with the hope of one day being perfectly unified with our eternal selves. So much pain in between the day we are flung into this world, so much confusion.

What can a person do other than try to be better than they were yesterday?

We change with every fallen tear, every raised voice and failed exam, these are the things which mold us and create the internal environment’s we must learn to traverse whether it be in this life or the next.

But what we will focus on in this lesson are the individuals that can do nothing more than to attempt to rubbish our dreams and closely guarded aspirations with their forked tongues and their lying eyes.

How do we spot these individuals and why do they seem to pop up at the worst of times?

With each lesson that goes by, I begin to realise how difficult this path truly is. What we should be doing is understanding that one of the flaws of the ego is that it forgets very easily and needs to constantly be reminded of its divine beginning’s, this works across the board because when we adopt this kind of thought process we also remind ourselves that these same individuals, these enemies of progress are delusionary in their very nature for reasons we have already outlined in passed IONS.

But what are they if they are not what they seem?  

Remember all of this is an extension of you, even ‘me’ that’s right! The very author of these words is no more real than the screen you are reading them off! But what the energy vampire represents is an aspect of your mind that is there to be transmuted with the understanding that it is a mere obstacle to test your will, a knot in your divine, frequency that needs to be fully untied, not with anger or aggression, but with Love and understanding. This is the perspective that will bring you to your greatest victory. What we see on a mundane level is a person making hurtful remarks either to you or about you for reasons you believe you are not aware of.

What usually happens is somebody will make a comment or remark with ill intentions, you will react emotionally thus feeding them the energy they wanted, energy vampires lack what you produce naturally so they will do absolutely anything to get it! The only problem with energy is that it cannot be stolen; you have to willingly give it away.  This leads us on to understanding the nature of toxic vibrations, these can be defined as frequencies that if allowed to fully penetrate our electromagnetic fields provide the incubation like environment for vibrations which cause illness, depression and also add thought cells to aspects of our celestial body which may cause the occurrence of undesirable events.  

So how do we protect ourselves from these intangible threats to our wellbeing?  It all starts with… you guessed it.... The mind! How you perceive yourself and everything around you directly affects the way you experience it. A lot of the time we look at ancient monuments and temples and wonder, how was that huge boulder moved there? But it never occurs to us that maybe the people creating all of these works of art had their brains wired in a completely different way. Consider you were given the task of lifting or moving a huge boulder what would your first thoughts be? “This looks like it weighs a ton” The moment you do this you have already failed because your ego, having being conditioned in a society where a ton is far to heavy to lift without help, would cause your ego to cower and your body would follow suit. But what If you had never even heard the word ton before and nobody ever taught you the concept of light and heavy (reason why duality must be transmuted), can you honestly say your mind would react in exactly the same way?

You must begin to fortify your mind and composition, create an immediate environment of items words and symbols that are conducive with your power, success and evolution. This will prep you for your interaction with toxic vibrations and energy vamps. Energy draining is not only limited to the environment you are in, energy cords can develop on your aura and act as a kind of straw for frequencies that may want to suck your energy. Make sure you cut any cords that maybe attached to you at least once at the end of every month.


 Exercise 1: The use of tools for your practical work is a necessary stage on your path, but it is not a place to get stuck and begin to use the tools as fashion accessories. You want to start off small and simple, get hold of a clear quartz crystal and a rose quartz crystal, bury them both in soil for 9 days take them out and rinse them under a tap. Once you have done this you have two options: 1. You can either place either them (separately) in a glass bowl of water in the sun for 12 hours then drink the water or you can wear the gemstones as pendants, doing this will help programme your own auras vibration to that of the gem stone this will help draw similar or identical frequencies into your environment. Experiment with different kinds of gemstones but for now deal with those mentioned, as they are the easiest to obtain. Remember to keep the gem stones and all other spiritual tools on your alter over night or when you are not wearing them.


 Exercise 2: This is an exercise that will stimulate your ability to visualise with details such as colour and symbols. If you know you are going to be around energy vampires then you want to have an extra layer of energy protecting your aura before you enter the environment. So what you need to do is close your eyes and begin to visualise the very edge of your aura. Once you can clearly define it all around your body I want you to begin to add another gold layer on top of this, make sure it sparkles in your mind’s eye as bright as possible to the extent that you can even feel the warm rays of light on your face. See this golden arch over the top of your head and you want to repeat the word ‘absorb’ as a mantra until you feel satisfied that it has successfully penetrated your subconscious. Once you have charged this arch for at least 10 minutes you will be ready to be among those of a lower frequency and just before you enter the immediate environment see your protective layer as clear as day.


ION 9: They are not aware that your silence harbor’s the anguish of a million aeons, so let them be consumed by their own ignorance and engulfed by their delusions for they are attention whores. Instead truly know that your pain and suffering will act as a ladder reaching towards true freedom from this divine experience, which we call life.

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