What is Kundalni Energy?

This is probably one of the most important questions you will ever ask as a divine being. This is because what you are actually asking is: What is the primordial source of power & change within the universe and where does this actually emanate from?

Whatever religion or school of thought you come from it would be fair to say that you believed or understood that everything had one source. Since we all appear to be at some geographical location at a specific time, this source somehow differentiated a part of itself to create what we "believe" we are in now. The concept maybe difficult to digest but when we view the contributions our ancient ancestors made to this understanding things become a lot clearer.

Kundalini Shakti being a feminine energy in its very nature makes it fair to say that this is a creative force which can be supported by ancient engravings and statues depicting Kundalini as a woman or in a female embodiment.

Whether it is Ancient Ta's (Egypt) Sekhmet who was put to “sleep” by RA or The Indian deity Manasa, (universal mother) Ophidian or serpent worship can be found in many cultures spanning the globe. Great authors such as Gopi Krishna who himself spent his life experiencing the effects of Kundalini awakening writes that many of the greatest minds in human history have experienced rousing’s of Kundalini in some degree or another.

So now we must first establish the resting location of this enchanting force, which is at the base of the spine at the coccygeal gland, this is also the area of the root chakra. Shakti must climb from this point through the rest of the chakra system until the body has been freed of all toxic frequencies and this must be done atom by atom. This may sound daunting but you must understand life is a dirty game and the soul has been rolling around in it for a very very  long time! This process, and I stress the word process very seriously, takes time to adapt to but the benefits are simply indescribable. Once the process is complete and the entrance to the sushumna is clear this energy travels up the spinal cord cleansing the entire nervous system. At the Dura mater the termination point enters the superior sagittal sinus as well as other secret chakras of the brain, which I will not expound upon at this particular time. The cosmic energy you will be in contact with at this point simply has to be experienced because words do it no justice.

The purpose of this lesson is to bring you closer to experiencing your own Bija, which can be defined as the vibration emanated from your parent ION. This will play a very large part in your journey of knowing thy self, you must become accustomed to knowing where this point is and what it means to your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Exercise: 3 After becoming competent in completing the exercises in ION: 1 you will begin to experience a feeling of lightness and find "more space" becoming available in the consciousness. You should use this to meditate and become more aware of your own inner landscape looking for repeated thought trends which may manifest themselves as habits, sexual behaviors, common phrases or long term fears. Understand that everything has a vibration and must manifest itself within the five senses which all have deep roots in your consciousness.

So your task is to make yourself aware of your 3 most dominant thought trends and apply an image to each one of them. Once you have identified three write them down and then rename them. This is an ongoing process as new thought trends are created as we interact with ourselves (reality) and super impose "beliefs" onto our conscious mind. Find as many thought trends as possible intending to leave no stone upturned. You must be merciless with this because the lower aspect of your self does not like change and it will do everything in your power to make you think this is wrong or scary. Keep your mind ever focused on unconditional Love for yourself and the cosmos and you will be safe and protected.


ION 2: The art of transmutation within the inner world is to mix earthquake with earthquake to leave only a utopia. To understand this is to truly become a master of yourself. Things move faster than you think, at present the Earth is orbiting at more than 800mph, so to perceive your reflection in the heavens at this speed would be preposterous. When one understands that you are one with All, slowing down your own vibration not only allows you to perceive your reflection in the cosmos but to transcend the very laws of time and space and become an alchemist of the substances that form "reality".


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