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Poor posture arises from a muscle area vibration being too low to perceive by the conscious mind, this causes attention to move away from area, the result of which is internal imbalance.

Each atom acts as a tiny magnet each with its own individual set of vibrations. As stated previously in these lessons our thoughts are dictated by our state of mind, so what dictates our state of mind you ask?

The biological brain in your head acts as a middleman between the divine and the mundane. The divine will is a masculine principle (in terms of modus operendi) of the mind in the sense that it makes all forms of creation possible. This is our free will, our freedom to make whatever we want a reality. The problem occurs due to the fact that the brain can only do what it is programmed to do and if the will (programmer) is not seeking the information to teach the brain more thus raising the vibratory rate, we are then left open to being programmed by external sources.

Life as we know it is full of experiences ranging in varied degrees of vibration. Our subtle body acts like a magnet for this vast range of frequencies. The question we must ask ourselves is: How do these frequencies affect us? For instance, if we were on a beach at sunrise walking along the shore and I were to ask you whether you could remember the first time you had your heart broken and who it was by. Regardless of whether you actually remembered the name of the person the mere thought would be accompanied by a feeling arising in some region of your body, whether it be your heart or the pit of your stomach.

The aim of this lesson is to identify where and why spiritual trauma has taken root in your body. Your posture plays more of an important role in your thought process than you are fully aware; the breath acts as a medium for transporting life and vitality around the body (Please note discussions from ION: 1). However, if this is the case and we are constantly breathing, why do areas of our body deteriorate over periods of time? This has a lot to do with the way we sit, stand and walk. The next time you are getting dressed, pay attention to your body, look at the way your shoulders sit when you are not trying to pull them back, take notice of whether your top and bottom rows of teeth connect equally or whether your tongue pokes' through a gap in the middle, also become aware of whether you put more weight on your right or left leg when you are waiting at the ATM or in a line for some food.

Ask yourself: "Why do I do this?"

Our composition is made of a substance far beyond the understanding and reaches of human technology. Trying to penetrate the mysteries of an intangible being with tangible equipment and formulas' can be compared to looking for invisible gold with a regular metal detector... Pointless!

So how does this all link together? 

An example would be:  Every time you put more weight on your left leg (or right, whichever is applicable) is a clear indication that there is some discomfort on your right side which you are trying to avoid facing. The danger with this is that over time you begin to forget about the discomfort and your mind tells your brain that this is how you have always walked or stood and it is completely normal. Over time your brain accepts this as truth and you have allowed a non-harmonious ION to take root in the side you are avoiding. Thus the breath no longer has access to all areas of the body in equal potency. Once your mind moves away from the discomfort, the vibration of that area begins to slow and the muscle begins to harden and atrophy, this is the same reason people who suffer with back pain tend to lean further forward when they walk. As the brain communicates with the body via electricity, a slowed vibratory rate & muscle atrophy in any given area creates the 'ache' experienced when one tries to bend or pull shoulders back. Think of sprinting on a perfectly laid service in the correct foot wear and then suddenly transitioning to running through thick mud. This is what your consciousness experiences when it reaches a blockage, although it still passes through, the rate at which it does this is slower in comparison to a “healthy” area of your body.

ALL is vibration!

Exercise 1: After studying this ION thoroughly and finding what areas you are avoiding, try re-aligning the current by either allowing both sit bones and both scapula to contact the chair equally every time you sit. Also when you stand or sit have both feet pointing directly forward with the weight distributed equally. Note what you feel and what thoughts come to the front of your mind and remember: There is no pain only activity!


ION 4: Thy body & limbs do not exist, only varying paths to the true hidden eternal bliss within. Obstacles and barriers are nothing more than old memories not yet addressed, clear thine heart & mind and the gross form will follow.

Exercise 2: What I would like you to do now is use the “Path to divinity” exercise. Here you will rename the different parts of your body, which lead to the divine destination, which will be the point between your eyebrows.
So for example; instead of calling it your left leg you could for instance call it “sunshine road” or path and call your left leg “moonlight path” or road, these are just examples and you can call your paths whatever you like and remember these words are personal to you so don’t reveal them to anybody else. Write your new names below (if printed off) and memorize them over time.

Right Leg:
Left Leg:
Right arm:
Left Arm:
Sexual organ:
Divine destination (Head):

Once you have gotten all of your names down, I want you to go into a meditation using techniques you have learned from the previous IONS. Lay flat on your back in a safe, quiet environment, taking slow deep breaths. After doing this for a short time you will begin to feel more relaxed, at this point I want you to breathe smooth and free; in through the nose & out through the mouth. This is very important! Once your body has relaxed you can begin to visualize each path (limb) as a golden road leading up to your torso, which will be the meeting point for all of the paths.
Next, one limb at a time see yourself walking up each path, taking note of all the feelings you experience and any memories that come to mind on each path. Also take note if there is any person or being on the path, we often find that pain in one of our limbs could be being caused by a negative association with a person from our past or present. So if this is the case, ask them for their name and what they want.

Practice this exercise starting in duration's of 10 minutes, then when you are comfortable with that move up to 20 then 30 and so on until you can complete an hours’ worth. Stick to one path per sitting to make it easier to remember the feelings and impressions your mind got. After you complete a session, write down your experiences next to the new name you have given your limb.


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