If you have gotten this far and continue to practice the exercise’s from past IONS well done! Hopefully you are beginning to see the patterns emerge within your own mind and you are truly beginning know that this entire reality is a system completely reminiscent of the workings of your deepest being.

We all start our journeys into self for different reasons, some of us have questions, some of us merely sense that something is amiss and some of us simply feel ‘different ‘ from day one.                                                                                                                               But what is all of this for?  All the endless hours of study, the willingness to sacrifice aspects of what we believe to be our personality? How will this bring us closer to that divine mystery that we seek so mercilessly to understand? The question which plague’s the mind of both the hierophant and the neophyte.

W.M And the E.A is and always has been what is G.O.D and how does it relate to me? The acronym employed (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) is used to dispel any negative connotations that the word god may have attached to it. Because so many lives have been lost in the name of religion throughout the course of this experience, and those of us that understand the nature of deities, and how they are created truly know that once a human life has been sacrificed in the name of a created god and/or system whether it be directly or indirectly, in order for this deity (frequency) to be charged or powered in the future, a sacrifice of the same potency must be made over and over again. Therefore what you must then begin to ask yourself is: How real are the gods if they need to be fed in order to stay alive? Now at this point you may be feeling uncomfortable with the thought of human sacrifice playing a role in the rise and expansion of any religious doctrine.

Every day I observe more so the emphasis is moved from self to some external force which then becomes the point of worship. Take for instance the Christian system; all profess to be the child of god and work by the power of a Holy Spirit. However we already know, thoughts are frequencies and each dimension is and ION in itself. That is to say the dimension or ION created in this case would be YHWH (Jehovah) and the thoughts (frequencies) transferred or fed to this specific ION would be prayers, holy days, and rituals. Each dimension works like a balloon in the sense that the deity acts as the rubber and the frequencies fed to this deity act as the air blown into the balloon to make it appear bigger.

So when you cast your mind back in time and think about how each religion is preceded by a campaign of murder, what you are really seeing is the feeding of a deity. During the time of the Roman Catholic crusades a small army would come upon a small village of Gnostics, (later day Kemetians) slaughter everybody and once they were done get down on a knee and pray to their god.

As stated earlier whether done directly or indirectly sacrifice takes place because we are ignoring the understanding that signs and symbols act as gateways into dimensions. Regardless of whether the victims know the name of their assailant’s god almost every religious army had signs or symbols which they took into battle whether it be the Roman Catholic Red Cross, or Muslims chanting the name of Allah throughout battle. What we can decipher and what appears to be unconnected in the mundane world are interlinking vibrations in the world of the spirits, and these signs and symbols act as a funnel for the spirits or essence of all of those killed and imprison them in the given dimension which then uses them as a fuel.

But surely the gods were not created for this?

No they were not, there was a time when we understood the true nature of what we call “evil” today. The very way we understood G.O.D was based on observing the more subtle and obscure aspects of our environment.

But how does this relate to self?                                                                                    

There was a time when primordial man and woman were without language, and possessed a mind completely void of limitation’s and toxic belief systems, existing in an ocean of possibility, mimicking its own divine origin. This could be seen as a point of perfection the same way a new born baby is perfect and without sin. All we had were observations, the ability to perceive and enliven that divine substance which our beautiful minds were composed of, need for vocal transference for communication being useless at this point. But there came a point when we began to see reoccurring traits within nature and the universe, the silence of mind allowed us to sense the vibration in the trees, the water, the air & the cosmos and we began to find that there was no difference other than degree of vibration. What we have misunderstood over time is that evil, in every sense is part of our divinity when looking at evil from a religious perspective things tend to become ridiculous very fast and all kinds of questions spring to mind such as “how can god be all good if evil exists?” & “if jesus died for our sins thousands of years ago why are people still doing wrong?” These doubts are warranted if you are willing to limit the eternal aspect of yourself but when looking at reality as a whole these things become clear.

Picture a black backdrop before the universe was created understanding darkness as a kind of vessel for a being embodying every sort of potentiality both possible and impossible. This darkness being undifferentiated would be perfect as it could be everything but yet was not. An embodiment of Love, truth, peace, happiness, stars, great sex, and all the other natural wonders of this universe, but at exactly the same time, harboring the potentiality of murder, rape, dishonesty, greed, colonisation, racism and injustice. As this substance was still undifferentiated the only thing it could be labeled as was perfect balance. All of this changed when the vibrations began to differentiate themselves stemming from a plan for this substance to transcend perfection itself and cleave the slowest IONS within itself. In order to do this it would need to truly believe that it was something other than itself. A perfect illusion of amnesia and ignorance to relearn how to be perfect and in the process shed itself of all of the disagreeable attributes it possessed and thus the ingredients of the universe begin to form, but at the very same time the potential for evil is made manifest.

So here you are in modern day society composed of all things divine and all things heinous. Even when you have learned to defeat the vocal fear within your mind please understand that this is only a prerequisite for doing battle with the oldest aspect of fear… The silent fear that corresponds to the same differentiated substance that existed pre creation, the fear that draws doubt into your heart even when you are in a state of bliss, that silent voice that whispers in the ear of your spirit telling you that you must have more.

In no book will you find the methodology for doing combat with this most ancient parts of yourself, only in your heart will the weapon be formed to completely eradicate this frequency from your being for good. I can merely suggest that the material for this weapon be Kundalini Shakti for no other frequency has shown me the truth in such a brutal but yet truthful way.


Exercise 1: Taking on the form of a deity is one of the oldest methods employed by our ancestors not only to traverse the unknown regions of the spirit world but also to help in raising one’s own vibration. This is a very arduous exercise and your ability to concentrate and visualise need to be cultivated to the level of an adept before you can complete this exercise.

Prior to taking on the form you will need to amerce yourself in material pertaining to the specific deity. You will need to read all available information, mythology, signs, symbols, scents and rituals. You can even go as far as changing the name on your social media accounts to the name of the deity while you are doing the work. Once you have super imposed this deity into your consciousness you will then take yourself into a swoon by first going into a deep meditation (9:6:9 breath ratio) and then beginning to sway from your root chakra in an anti-clockwise motion. While you are in this meditation begin to see the body of the deity in a gold aura see the body merging with your own limb by limb, hear the name of the deity as loud as it would be if you shouted it with your physical mouth. Once the merger is complete feel the power of your new form and depending on which deity you have chosen begin your work. E.g. I you wish to heal your aura or electromagnetic fields you may want to take on the form of a deity linked with healing. Just remember that when you are in this state you make the rules and how you choose to project your consciousness is completely up to you so take care and use with caution.

ION 7: It is not thy memory of knowledge and philosophy which makes you a threat, for any fool can read these words and recite them to a flock of pretenders. Only when thine heart is free of fear and the soles of thy feet are prepared to walk the very depths of thy darkest hell will the soul truly know liberation… Then and only then will thou true opponent bow and be broken by thy very breath.


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