Since the dawn of time man, woman, beast and bird have indulged in the sacred union of compositions to further the plight of the divine substance for the means of burning away its slower and more disagreeable attributes.

But now more than ever are we seeing the emergence of a new and more open attitude towards sex, and the more risqué regions of our divine minds are longing to express themselves without limitation.

As we have discussed in the past lessons, vibration is everything, not just our external environment but also our internal king/queendom. The further and further we journey into ourselves we find that even our core beliefs, morals and sexual identity are nothing more than older clusters of this same vibration which, over the course of our current or past lives, have embedded into both our minds and hearts.

So, why the big secret we ask?

What we fail to understand in our in moments of pure ecstasy, when we lay there bare bodied with our significant other, is that at the point of climax we are the closest to our divine center as we could ever possibly be without the use of narcotics or natural herbs. What do you feel would take place in a world where we were all aware that sex had the power to heal our compositions and break down toxic thought clusters which do nothing more than hold us back from our true potential?

The mind is an extremely powerful tool and once loved & understood, opens its eternal arms and welcomes us into a realm of infinite possibilities. When dealing with any esoteric, metaphysical or alchemical work, always keep in mind that; a) frequencies have ages based upon the fact that they were cultivated at different periods of time, and b) the older the frequency/vibration the more potent its influence will be over your composition, because the less access people have to the frequency is the more likely it will stay pure and uncorrupted by the mind sets of today. As well as this, due to the way our brains have adapted over a course of ages, we are now fully entrenched in the frontal cortex thought patterns which have strong links to social responsibility and interaction.

But what if the vibration was cultivated at a time where the mid brain (diencephalon, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdaloidal body etc.) was most prominent?

Then we would have to take into account that the frequency, if deified will have less understanding of social morals and norms that are applicable today. For instance when people say they that they communicate with spirits and the said spirit came across quite aggressive and made requests that seemed sadistic or unreasonable, we need to realise that the individual had accessed a very old part of their mind, or to be specific the hippocampus, (the part of the brain where long term memories are stored.) We may be unlocking a thought form that was created during a time where it was okay to sacrifice a goat in the name of a deity or depending on the age possibly even people!

I say all of this to say that we need to get a better understanding of what it is that we are dealing with from as much perspectives as possible. It does not serve us to be solely reliant on the sciences such as biology and particle physics when we have no idea of the workings of the substance which even allows our being to conceive such schools of thought. Love is not to be owned or controlled but to be understood and used as a vehicle for our best intentions to manifest and flourish in a world where it seems hate and fear have taken their root deep in the hearts of both men and women. Your temple is composed of repeating shapes and quantities; we employ the same understanding when we deal with geometric partnering (to heal an unreachable area of the body by sending chi/prana/tekhem to its corresponding area).

So how do we make this applicable to our sex lives and what If you don’t have a partner or are celibate?

The initiates of old were put through various tasks to not only cleanse their soul but to be reunited with the highest aspect of their being. When looking at the trials of the postulants of ancient Egypt I stumbled upon a quote that linked my Kundalini experience with the Adepts of the past. The term “Burning the stains off thine heart” made more sense to me than anything I had ever read, not because the words were beautiful but because I live this reality every day. First we must identify what the stains are, which can be seen to be all bad and painful memories that have attached themselves to your being. We understand the only reason we can recall memories with a certain degree of clarity is because of the emotional content that we attach to them. Anybody who is sceptical of this is welcome to study the relationship between the amygdala and the hippocampus. The heart in question is not necessarily the physical organ although links can be made on a mundane level; it is more so your consciousness itself that needs to be purged of any statins left on it by the experience of self(reality). This is what sex can ultimately be used for, by understanding that we can stimulate different areas of our body with the feeling of climax or orgasm, it is possible for us to actually aid the process of burning the stains off of our hearts which tend to act as blockages for the rise of Shakti/Sekhemet to her destination via the superior sagittal sinus and beyond.


Exercise 1: You need a high degree of control to perform these acts so if you have problems retaining your orgasm as a woman or premature ejaculation as a man, maybe you will need to practice this first as it takes a certain degree of focus. First you will want to identify something about yourself you wish to change, preferably something simple like a small ache or continuous twitch you have suffered with. Every time you get this ache or twitch, identify the area of your being which it is in, you want to be as accurate as possible even if it means studying a little bit about that area of the body. Once you have established the specific area you want to give it a new name write this down and create a sigil if it helps you remember.

You will want to have sex with somebody you Love ideally but having strong feelings for them will do just as good. While in foreplay you want to have the name and sigil at the forefront of your mind charging it with Love and happiness. Begin to time your strokes with the recitation of the syllables. If you are a woman you will want to time your breathing with the insertion of the penis or toy, inhale on insertion and exhale on as it leaves the vaginal passage. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into the moment, let your primordial libido invigorate your senses, make love as though you have never done it before but at the same time be as experienced as any master of Karma sutra or even your favourite porn star. The idea here is not to limit yourself in anyway shape or form be just as turned on by your own body as you are your partner’s don’t be scared to taste every area of your partners body and where possible even your own. It should be a completely organic process. And when you can feel yourself about to climax… retain it and what you will do next is send that same feeling to the area you want to heal. Do this three times climaxing on the third and in that moment, bathe your ache or pain with the brilliance of this orgasm, try to remain complete still keeping the focal point of the orgasm on the cluster of low vibration, drawing the air in through your nose DEEP into your lower abdomen. Do this until the feeling has completely subsided.


Exercise 2: This exercise is ONLY for those who wish to traverse the boundaries put in place by the control structures in your society. Sexuality is a thing of mystery. Some people profess to know the truth about sexual orientation, but only when one is fearless and wishes to study their own sexuality will the answers be revealed.

First we must understand that a block has been put on our minds… and no not by any malicious cabal of bankers or the illuminati. This block has formed naturally as a result of the choices we have made as a collective current in this experience.

So when looking at the ritual of kemet we recognise that the granite block blocking the initiate from the “Chamber of the grand orient” is this same cluster that can be eroded in order to enter the hidden places.

Understand that as sex has evolved over time we have learned that different regions of the body are stimulated when different modes of penetration are used, some having contributions to make to our divine faculties reactivate. The high concentration of mucus within the center of the brain is preventing the correct usage of these organs resulting in them becoming vestigial such as the vomeronasal organ.

For women using the exercise of anal sex can be said to stimulate not only the circle of Willis, which will aid in the breakdown of toxic frequencies within both the internal and external carotid arteries. Men also may have the same experience if that be their preference. If not, there are two openings either side of the penis where the groin connects to the legs. For this exercise the pinkie or middle finger (left hand) need to be inserted into the right opening while the right hand grasps the lowest base portion of the penis during masturbation, the orgasm potential will triple, providing more energy for clearing blocked channels.


ION 8: Union is the weapon of thy divine mind, for where balance exists there can be no victor neither looser. Ecstasy is the child of thine union and she has an insatiable appetite, feed her thine sorrow and illness and let thy spirit rise and become one with the true beginning of beginnings.


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