What we define as reality is a gross reflection of the ocean of potential that resides at the very core of our being. As we close our eyes we are plunged into an eternally fertile environment of illuminated darkness equaled only by the perceived external universe.

In this very special time on your journey, you are realising yourself as a concentration of divinity in a completely connected spiritual organism. No differentiation, no true individual mind set, only a plethora of learned belief systems and thought forms accumulated over a delusional time span.

So how has this entire celestial splendor become encapsulated in this mundane form?

We are both the observer and the observed. The desert that is the conscious mind is reminiscent of the very synaptic clefts within your own brain longing to be traversed by the eternal will in the form of energy. The signs and symbols are all around you, in the air, the water, and the trees and in sound and darkness. The very geometric imprints of nature are of a divine origin and when we look at ourselves with an esoteric mind we begin to see how we can trace our steps back to our inner cosmic ecstasy.

The sciences of the chakras have been scattered across numerous cultures around the planet. Many have built mythologies around the story of the liberation of the soul through the crown chakra.                                                                                                              

But what are they and how do they benefit us on both our physical and spiritual journeys

There may be some of you who are just coming into contact with this information so to give you a strong foundation on the subject it would be best to understand that the word chakra translates to “wheel” which makes perfect sense when we consider the facts.

 As we are aware all is in a constant state of vibration, and what the great particle physicists of past and present have known, is that to understand and examine a thing in its smallest unit is to know its true nature. So therefore we must take the same stance on examining our inner being and their modes of operation, in doing so you will become aware of a very profound truth.

Our composition has many different elements which have come together and work in perfect harmony. However on studying our biology we find that there are particular systems within us which make sure we function at a healthy level on a day to day basis. Systems such as the nervous system & respiratory system both have huge roles to play.

But what of the connecting portions such as the arteries, nerves and axons? The essential divine transport tool, that brings about our making and composition. For without them there would be no way of our brains communicating with different areas of the body. So we will begin by looking at the nerve plexuses, which are branch clusters of nerves inside the body. Each area of your composition is coordinated by a set of these nerves and there relation to the chakras is clear once you become more competent at experiencing the “churning” of your own. Take for instance your sacral plexus the health and proper function of your sexual organs depends upon the proper working of this clusters of nerves, should a blockage occur in some portion of these nerves (in the case of a male) then you may begin to find it more difficult to become sexually aroused and men who suffer with impotence or premature ejaculation could find this very interesting.

Each time we endure a traumatic sexual experience or sustain some injury to that area of the body a negative thought form is super imposed onto our consciousness, which resonates to a specific vibration. As we have already established vibrations attract other vibrations and our body becomes an energetic depository filled with different frequencies left behind from past situations. As a result of this the nerve plexuses become less active in that particular area and this makes it difficult for current to pass through, thus affecting the brains ability to communicate with different areas of the body. Your chakras act like pressure gauges in the sense that you are able to determine the health of a particular nerve plexus by sensing whether the spin or churn of the chakra is smooth and gives you a feeling of calmness and tranquility, or whether it feels sluggish, choppy and gives you a feeling of discomfort, tension and unease. What we must begin to do is become more competent in creating pure moments where we are completely experiencing our inner world in silence; this makes it easier to sync our consciousness with the turn of each chakra.

Different systems say different things about the total number of the chakras but the common consensus is that there are 7 basic chakras that we must come to know and understand before we are able to unlock the hidden chakras within the brain. This will only become knowable to the worthy and pure of heart & intent. So the chakras and their color frequencies from the top down are as follows:


Top of the head - Crown chakra (Sahasrara) – Indigo or Brilliant violet



Just above the brow towards centre of the brain - Brow chakra (Ajna) - Purple



Center of throat - Throat chakra (Vishuddha) - Blue



In Center of the chest - Heart chakra (Anhatta) – Green



Solar plexus -Solar chakra (Manipura) – Yellow



Just below naval - Naval/Splenic chakra (Svadisthana) – Orange



Between genitals and anus - Sacral chakra (Muldhara) – Red


The spin of the chakras with your eyes open is counter clockwise and the spin when the eyes are closed is clockwise, remember this when performing the exercises for ease. What we aim to is rid our nerve plexuses of the tension that has built over years of hard work and pain using the pressure gauge analogy to turn and release the trapped energy.


ION 5: For you are the creator of your greatest victories as well as thy greatest defeats, only the true creator within can undo what has already been done. So I say unto thee in order to liberate the branches of thy tree from the constrictions of the claws of the vulture you must shake thy tree at its very root and allow thy branches to bask in the supreme light of the sun so that future vultures will find thy branches too hot to perch upon.


Exercise 1: You must first begin to know your most basic vibrations; an easy way of doing this is listening for your own heartbeat. Lay on your left side in a silent room, just before bed is the best way. You will rest your head on your left arm which will be bent in the shape of a V between 75 and 90 degrees give or take. You want to aim for your ear to fall between the bicep and triceps muscles and the inner arm to contact the pillow or mattress. Once you have done this you will slow down your breathing using the techniques from passed IONS and you will focus your attention on your heart beat, feel it first, then allow your ears to synchronize with the feeling and once you have done this take note of what feelings come to mind as well as past memories.


Exercise 2: To truly know your chakras you must become one with their individual vibrations. The whole process of enlightenment is to be able to bring each chakra vibration into harmony, making the need for a differentiated chakra system obsolete, thus freeing the mind from any illusion of separation both internally and externally. Begin with your root chakra, which is the slowest and densest of all the vibrations. Go into meditation in half or full lotus as lying down may make you feel tired or drowsy. Use the meditation techniques already cited and begin to visualise a red spiral spinning as smooth as you possibly can. You want to build a strong mental picture, try to hear the sound of it spiraling and begin to trace the pattern with your eyes very subtly until your consciousness does this automatically.

Once this process is taking place identify what you are feeling. Does the image you have in your mind’s eye appear with dark blotches or is it a perfect red spiral of brilliance? If there are blotches, which side do they occur? Write all of these thoughts, feelings and observations down next to the relevant chakra and you will want to be as thorough as possible with each chakra. DO NOT RUSH this process! Get every negative impression jotted down and do this until you find a complete silence. The blotches will give you a very accurate idea on where your blockages reside as well as what area of the nerve plexuses have begun to atrophy. Once you feel as though you have found the vibration of the chakra and can mimic its vibration at will you are ready to move on to the next, do this until you reach the crown chakra. For each chakra you attempt to sync your consciousness with try and see the associated colour.





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