As awareness of self becomes more and more apparent to the conscious mind we understand life as a series of tests or initiations bringing us to the very edge of our sanity.

But what is all of this for? What part of our being is being trained and nurtured and is who nurturing it?

Since the last blog I have been becoming more and more aware of the patterns which life supposedly throws at us, and the more in tune you are with your emotional body is the more this will resonate with you. We all know that the concept of being happy all the time is completely ludicrous, merely by the fact that if this were the case then we would not be happy at all. Reality would seemingly blend itself together, making differentiation a thing of the past.

Let’s explore this for a moment...                                                                                           

What if, just like an experiment we could predict our ups and downs thus affecting our very perception of them altogether? What then would our relentless bouts of self-doubt and anguish be, more than another hidden chamber of the divine mind being unlocked? Even as I project these words from my mind to yours I do it from a place of pure honesty, from a mind that has traversed the darkest and baron desserts of depression time and time again to find the same solution at the end of the tunnel each time… MYSELF!

No god, Jesus, Krishna or Allah swt and I say this not to cause any disrespect but to merely raise a point. If one was deaf dumb and blind how would one pray for help and ask a specific deity for aid through a specific ordeal? If reliance on external forces was the only means of triumph against our darkest hours then by mere reason people with such “disabilities” would not exist by virtue of them having no means of communication with the great architect/s of this universe. I say this all to drive home a solid fact, that without mind nothing is possible; the very substance we use to create these religious and spiritual doctrines is our mind.

So my task is to open up the mind and let it act free of all barriers and obstacles, temptations and addictions. So now when we think of emotions we will think of them as waves of vibration, which simply react to external stimuli which are also waves or vibrations both having peaks (ups) and nodes (downs). One thing we know about waves is that they have a rhythm, so our task is to decode our own rhythm thus becoming one with the wave which is our perception of reality. At this point we will begin to see a pattern emerge. How do I do this? I hear you ask...


ION 3: You are the true parent and guardian of all of your thoughts, thus all the responsibility for their nature depends on your willingness to nurture them. Feed thy ions pure light and Love, and thy garden will be rich, plentiful and everlasting. But if thine ions are fed the scraps of trapped pain and anguish your children will rule you and you will truly know everlasting suffering.

Exercise 1:

We all have thoughts, hundreds if not thousands per day, but are all of these thoughts working to benefit us in our everyday life and on our spiritual path.?

As outlined earlier our thoughts are ions and these ions, as small as they are, are still under your control and thus still subject to the divine laws… namely gender. When we study the seven principles we understand gender to be more than the sexual organs or types of behaviour. This is important to understand. When we want to gain control of our thought addictions each ion is a culmination of both genders masculine and feminine (positive & negative). The gender of the thought addiction is determined by the operator. But what must be understood is that thoughts give birth to other thoughts and as we are aware “The apple never falls far from the tree.” So if the original thought addiction is of a toxic nature we can almost guarantee that the child of this will be the same.

So what I would like you to do in this section is to make a list of all your good thought addictions, these would be any thoughts that constantly come through your mind and leave a feeling of love, joy and happiness. Then I would like for you to make a list of all the bad thought addictions, these would be all the thoughts which make you feel bad, depressed, lonely etc. Be as honest with yourself as possible, do not lie or shy away from any thoughts that come to mind, the first answer your mind gives you is usually the correct one. Once you have done this list, which will have at least ten for each side, I want you to trace the thoughts back to their roots. Ask yourself where did they come from? What were the parent ions of these thought addictions?

When you have completed this stage you will have a very clear map of you conscious mind and be able to view your strengths and weaknesses from a birds eye view. This will provide you the choice to manipulate them at will. We will go into deep visualisations in class for a more in depth study of our thought ions. (Please refer to The Yoga Classes tab above for more details).

Exercise 2:

Record for one day all of the emotions you have experience and write down next to them the reason for this occurrence. For example you may put; ANGER and next to it have the word; REASON then you could say: Boss pissed me off today at work. It is completely up to you. Do this every day for a week at minimum and at the end of the week or month go over each emotion you have experienced and why, I guarantee you will be astonished with what you find...



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