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In light of the 55 murders which have taken place on the streets of London since January, I think it is only right that a blog of this nature is written. Not only for the young people who may happen to stumble across it on social media. But primarily for the parents who have lost touch with youth culture due to the hustle and bustle of the working world taking up the majority of their time . My experience, being that of a 29 year old "black" male born and raised in Brixton (pre gentrification) means that I have a very unique perspective as I am old enough not to be peer pressured into joining a gang, but also young enough to consume certain aspects of youth culture namely that of drill music and remember certain key events that molded UK gang culture into what it is today.
As I am writing for the parents I think it is important you understand the process which has refined the culture of the roads, to this very disturbing place. 
By no means am I claiming that drill music is solely responsible for gangs and knife crime, but as you read this, the links between music, gangs and the violence that comes with it will become more apparent. Pictures and links to songs of drill and current rappers will also be available so you are aware who your children are listening to and what their overall message is.
So the most obvious point to address first is, what the hell is drill music and where did it come from. The word drill was not birthed on British soil and comes from Chicago slang that is commonly associated with road men on that side of the pond. The word Drilling is used for the activities that road-men in Chicago partake in, shooting at opps (enemies/paigons) is an example of this. The drill scene in Chicago is a by product of the extensive history of gang culture that had its inception in the south side of Chicago during he 1960s (BGDN) following the fall of Mafia king pins like Al Capone. The gangs at the forefront of the Drill scene in Chicago, which reached its peak in 2014 - 16 are GDs (Gangster disciples), BDs (Black Disciples), VL(Vice Lords), 4ch (4 corner hustlers) plus many more, The two former's being the most infamous globally due to mainstream success from artists such as; Cheif Keef, Lil Durk, Famous Dex, 600 Breezy, G Herbo. BGDN (Black Gangster Disciple Nation) was started by a coming together of the 'Supreme Gangster' leader Larry Hoover and Black Disciple leader (King) David Barksdale. While in prison it is said that they made a decision, with influence from Minister Fontaine to join forces (as well as a majority of the southside gangs) and create the Black Gangster Disciple Nation which turned areas of Chicago into shanty towns due to a huge influx of drugs and gang violence. As time went by jealousy grew within those who felt they deserved more and sure enough chaos ensued. Projects such as Cabrini green were literally turned into war zones.
"The Gangster Disciples are one of if not the largest and most successful gang in the history of the United States," says James Morgan, special agent in charge of the US Drug Enforcement Administration in Chicago."
Now you are probably wondering why all of this important and how does it link to gang culture in London. When looking into the 'laws' of BGS and GDs the masonic influence becomes undeniable the very structure of the gang, along with their symbols, hand shakes and colour codes show with out a shadow of a doubt that the "leaders" of these crime families are either conscious of what they are doing or unknowingly being given these codes and structures by a hidden hand. Considering the fact that the very meeting which brought all of these gangs together was held in a Masonic temple makes things very obvious to whose with eyes to see. Ask yourself this, how does a gang with black leadership generate in excess of 100 million dollars of per year for only 30,000 members with out the U.S government either having knowledge or playing a dominant role in it.
"When they put them pieces together BG (Black Gangster Disciples) was done at the end of the meeting, But what still got me was that it was in a masonic Temple, The biggest gangs on the south-side met up, no beef, all love.. At a Masonic Temple" Loskiii -GD Member

After the heads were taken to prison it left a gaping hole in the leadership in this huge organization, feuds began to erupt internally and the gang split in half leaving BDs and GDs at each others throats. Years later, these gangs are still leaderless and more misguided than ever. Which is the reason why a city with one of the strictest gun laws in the U.S had 650 murders in 2017
"Dismantling this huge, militaristic hierarchy is the goal of a joint US and local law-enforcement investigation aimed at bringing down the GD. Last year, federal authorities indicted 39 high-ranking gangsters and collaborators on drug-conspiracy charges. Ten were convicted in March, three are fugitives, and 26 others, including GD chief Larry (King) Hoover, await trial in October."
Fast forward to London 2014...
The UK Drill scene begins to take the forefront of underground music for under 25s. This happens because gangs now begin to adopt the same name's as Chicago gangs such as 150 (A Subset of NLMB made popular by Chicago rapper G Herbo). And it is not just the gangs, locations were also named after popular hot spots in Chicago such as "Roc Block"(79th and Essex in Chicago, Illinois).
As the culture began to change so did the instrumentals, a new sound began to emerge. The same staggered kick drum pattern as Chicago drill but with a sprinkle of UK grime and Dub step snare hits. However what did not change was the content, it went from trapping in Bandos (Selling drugs in abandoned houses) to 'Cheffin', dipping and 'chingin opps' all terms used for stabbing their perceived enemies or paigons. The term "scoring" is also native to the Chicago drill scene however, thankfully it is nothing more than a diluted imitation. While scoring in Chicago literally means how much deaths have occurred between rival gangs, In London scoring is stabbing an enemy but not necessarily taking their life.
"We up 5, matter fact boy we up 6" - PBG Kemo - Kniggas Kno, Bitchez Kno Pt 1
These Drillers are not just getting famous by coincidence, you have to understand we are looked at as a commodity and nothing more. The media brainwashes the youth and then profits off of the collateral damage via YouTube views and ticket sales to sold out shows that these artist's are booked for. So who is amplifying this evil behavior so that it becomes mainstream. Tim Westwoods Crib sessions has literally had every single gang promoting this behavior on his platform which boasts almost 700k subscribers. This has boosted groups like 67 to the forefront of the scene. As a parent it will really open your eyes if you research who owns all of these media outlets that control the content which all of your children consume in one way or another. Choice fm now known as Capital Xtra was sold so it could be taken over by the likes of 'Global' which owns LBC, Heart, Smooth etc.
What you must begin to realise is that there is no such thing a coincidence, almost all current artists are either involved in gangs or portray the image of criminality so is it any wonder that the youth of today use this template to form their self concept ?
In order for this problem to be solved there needs to be more positive and constructive interaction between the parents and the children. It seems as though gone are the days when parents would demand to know who the friends of their children were.
Can you name three of your sons friends, do you know their parents names, have their numbers stored in your phone and if not, why?
Growing up I was not allowed to play certain kinds of music at home as it was deemed disrespectful. Obviously technology has advanced now and children are able to store more content in one device. However I am also aware that a lot of you either pay your child's phone bill or pay for the WiFi that enables them to digest this kind of content. I am wondering what it would mean for you to perform regular checks on not only their music playlist but also their YouTube history, fb, instagram and picture gallery and upon finding any form of insidious materials ask them what it means to them. Having this kind of contact will give you a better insight into where your child is at. I truly feel that they are lacking in culture, and you must understand that if you have no idea who you are (just saying we all come from Africa isn't enough) then they will have no clue either, which means Capital Xtra, Tim Westwood, Hollywood, Dj Akademiks and Link Up TV etc will all have a go at telling them who they are.

Outlined below is a time line of 3 significant events that have drastically altered gang culture in the UK.

2002-03: Islam being pushed by rap groups such as; The Diplomats, D Block and State Property.

Effect: Gang members imprisoned begin to assimilate this culture, more dialogue occurs between Muslims and non Muslims. And many "Olders" begin to convert. Upon release they bring their new found faith back to their fellow gang members and begin to spread the 'deen' of Islam and in many cases individuals were forced to convert. Young black men with no father figures in the household see this happening and want to be just like the olders who they deem role models so they also convert.The result of this being further division among young black men by way of "Kaffirs" (Non Believers vs The Brothers)
There was a stage in my child hood where members of the Asian community would have never attacked young black men. But after the wide spread conversion of young black males, I witnessed first hand the change in their style, use of slang and intimidating behavior to those who were not Muslim. Arguments of members in the same gang closely followed and other 'sets' were created to act as a push back against gangs like O.C which was predominately Muslim.
2004: Grand theft auto San Andreas is released. Anybody that was in secondary school between 2000 - 2005 will be fully aware of the frenzy this game caused. It was on of the first games centered around "black gang culture"
Effect: Prior to this gangs in London were not openly represented by the colour codes reminiscent of East coast American gangs such as the bloods and crips.
After its release. Many gangs adopted the title of Bloods and Crips and began to wear Flags (Bandana) to represent it. Flag colours ranged from Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple and so on. Adding yet another layer of division to an already fractured youth culture.
2014: Chicago Drill Scene gets mainstream recognition world wide.
Effect: UK gangs mimic this culture and chaos begins to ensue across London. Violent content constantly being imposed into the minds of the young, glamorizing drug dealing, murder, knife crime and in some cases demonic behavior.
"Like I was in demon bits with some demon shanks billin demon spliffs.. And I was with a demon bitch doin demon shit on a demon dick, Like manna move evil wid it.." SL - Gentleman    
The black community is the only group of people who hold road-men and gangsters in such a high regard, the title of badman has always held an element of esteem in Jamaican dance hall culture. and after years of listening to artists like Rick Ross (A Rapper imitating the life of a known CIA asset who flooded the black community with crack cocaine with the help of people like Barry Seal;Please watch American made) Is it any wonder that the only things the youth of today respect and respond to is money and materialism. Black men have failed the youth by not staying around to raise their seeds which leaves a void in a young mans heart that not even the most loving mother can fill. Stop wasting time pandering to a government full of pedophiles and criminals to save your youth as their agendas have been made crystal clear, As stated in past blogs, the council, metropolitan police, hospitals, prime ministers and boroughs all operate as registered business's which operate for profit. if after this you do not educate yourselves on these matters you automatically forfeit your right to protest the death of yet another child.
Below is a list of all the current artists your children may or may not listen to. Look into them yourself and make up your own mind.
Tekashi69: Blood Gang Affiliated
Trippie Red: Blood Gang Affiliated
Bloc Boy jb: Grape street Crip


Gary Se7en on

Well done Bro Priceless information
Shared with majority Parents in my contacts

Lorenzo on

When you hear dumb songs like I don’t want to dead no beef on capital xtra you know what the hidden agenda is! I was saying to myself music has the biggest influence, kids imitate what they see. With lack of knowledge and understanding and constant negative influence parents do need to keep an eye on there children. Thank you for this post I agree whole heartedly.

Toyin on

Thanks for this very insightful post! Glad to see some concrete advice as well!

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